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Gary J. Vien

Father, Author, and All Around Fun Guy
Passionate About Inspiring Others

Gary Vien has worked in the entertainment industry and in financial services throughout the United States, starting as a pretzel twister all the way to the Executive Suite. He shares his positive outlook on life and building your internal leadership skills through storytelling, mentoring and writing. He has a passion for helping young professionals reach their potential and driving cooperative success throughout the organization.  These aren't just business skill, but life skills. 


Gary is still trying to figure out how to get to the last three states he hasn't visited, learning to fly fish and finding the perfect bacon cheeseburger! 

  • Husband of 39 years and father to two beautiful daughters

  • Nearly 40 years in the theme park industry with Six Flags Corporation throughout the United States and Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks in Tampa Florida in various leadership and executive roles

  • Currently serving as the Chief Administrative Officer for Suncoast Credit Union based in Tampa Florida

  • Serves on numerous charitable, community and national boards

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